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tv   9 News Now at 6am  CBS  September 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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out west of town on culpepper, warrenton in the mountains. those temps are in the 50s. la plata, 62. gaithersburg is 59. here in washington, 67 now. looking at some of the visibilities, you'll see it is mainly in the mountains where the fog is right now. >> in fact, let's go straight to the sky 9 shot of an accident we've been talking about on the outer loop of the beltway past river road already causing the delays. although it was moved to the right shoulder, lanes are open but especially heavy right now coming off the 270 spur heading southbound on to the beltway with your lanes open. expect that early morning delay. let's go back over to the maps. a bunch of road closures including this water main break on the northbound side of route 28. it is closed, center street at main street in old town, manassas. so, go ahead and take route 28 instead. it splits there and it should be easy to get around it. 66 as you can see is slowing
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down into manassas with the lanes open there. let's go over to lorton. lorton road is closed down between furnace and silver brook. take route 123 instead. 95 northbound, very heavy and slow from lorton into springfield with the lanes open. beltway at route 4 pennsylvania avenue. the beltway is fine heading southbound toward the wilson bridge, you're ok. i just got word of an accident northbound route 5 at brandywine and southbound 95 at route 212. coming up, i'll update with you all of the incidents at 6:12. back to you guys. >> at the top of the hour, let's get a check on the stories happening today. it is primary election day in baltimore. the big contest is the democratic party primary for mayor. incumbent stephanie rawlings blake is running for re- election and she's also the front runner in the polls. >> attorney general eric holder will lead a 9-11 remembrance ceremony today in northwest. it will honor the victims, survivors and the first
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responders from that day. the ceremony begins at noon outside the u.s. attorney's office in judiciary square. the district honors the washington capitals today with a victory celebration. the castles won the world team tennis championship in july. the celebration is this afternoon at 2:00 outside the wilson building. the government created the transportation security administration in the wake of the september 11th attacks. it can be annoying for flyers to go through all of the security. now, one of the lawmakers who helped create the agency says it should be shut down. >> surae chinn is live at national airport with a look at why the congressman is saying that. surae? >> well, yeah, when you're here or at any airport, it is guaranteed you'll run into plenty of tsa workers here at reagan national and the person who founded the transportation safety administration is now blasting the very organization he founded. >> the government has failed. >> reporter: florida congressman john mica gives
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tsa's performance a d minus saying it is too large, too reactive and too bureaucratic. he says figuratively, when you have an agency as large as the army, you're going to have personnel problem. there have been agents arrested for stealing $40,000 from passenger's checked bags and it has been criticized for extremely controversial pat- downs. >> at 9-11, it wasn't private screening that the airports were conducting that failed. it was again, government had failed to put any protocols in place. if you look at every major failure, richard reed with the shoes, if you look at the diaper bomber, you look at what the licht bombers, flying cargo planes over populated areas, all of those -- those incidents took place and we had to react afterwards. >> i think that would be a really hard thing to prove, that we don't need it. >> what started as a $2 billion agency with a staff of
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16,500 after 9-11 has turned into $9 billion and 63,000 people and the congressman says we need to streamline tsa, maybe have 4,000 to 5,000 people targeting specific focuses and having a private agency come in as well. back to you. >> thanks, surae chinn live at national airport this morning. this story really has you talking on our facebook page. you at home. bill agrees with the idea that the tsa is a failure. he writes like so many government agencies, it is a waste of taxpayer dollars. while chris writes we have lost -- have we lost any aircraft or human beings in the u.s.a. to terrorism since the tsa was created. failure, no. flawed and still needs improvement, yes but i can say that about every government agency. join the conversation by going to we'll read some of your comments. we're following breaking news out of afghanistan. rockets are being fired at the
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u.s. embassy in kabul. police there say there is a large group of men leading a gun battle there. blasts and gunfire are being heard near the embassy and in an area home to americans. no word yet on any americans being hurt. we're keeping an eye on this situation and of course, we'll bring you updates as soon as we get them. the man who says d.c. mayor vincent gray's staff tried to buy his support during the campaign now says he feels targeted. it was around this time yesterday morning we told you d.c. police had arrested sulaimon brown for driving with a suspended license. officers say they stopped brown for driving with a broken headlight. however, he insinuates there was more to it than that. >> they made reference -- he made reference to the fact that you're the guy who tried to get the mayor locked up. >> police say they arrested brown after he refused to obey commands. he was given a $75 ticket for the broken headlight. >> today, president obama heads to columbus, ohio, where he's pitching his plan for creating jobs in a state that will be very important in next
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november's election. the president announced monday his $447 billion plan will be paid for with higher taxes on the rich and big companies. but he says it will cut taxes on regular workers and small businesses. >> this bill cuts taxes for small businesses that hire new employees and for small businesses that raise salaries for current employees. it cuts your payroll tax in half and all businesses can write off investments they make this year and next year. the president is now calling on congress to pass his plan immediately. while the president's job plan was a topic last night in the republican presidential debate, the candidates are calling for less government regulations and they say that will spur new jobs in growth. >> if we're going to get the economy going, we've got seven things we have to do. make the tax code competitive with the world. get regulations to encourage enterprise. three, to make sure we have trade policies that work for us, not just the other guys.
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>> you give people the opportunity to risk their capital by lowering the tax burden on them, by lowering the regulatory climate and you will see an american economy that takes off like a rocket ship. >> last night's debate in tampa, florida, was sponsored by cnn and the tea party. >> jessica doyle is watching your money and she's saving some of it, too. >> by asking a simple question. new or used? >> new or used. you usually talk about this when you're talking about cars but you can save some big money by going used on a ton of things. sometimes it is better to buy new for safety or durability reasons, we'll start with your bundle of joy. you can spend a ton of money on baby gear if you shop for everything new but you don't have to. check out craigslist, consignment stores and local moms groups. think about buying changing tables, high chairs, strollers, clothing, toys.
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so, when should you buy new? for safety reasons, car seats and cribs, two items you'll want to buy new to make sure they conform to the latest safety standards. >> are you lance armstrong? then you can probably buy used when it comes to a bike. some bike jobs with gently used bikes for you and the offspring. the kids probably won't even notice the bike isn't new. are you a serious rider? maybe you use it for work. and here is another thought. sporting goods equipment, they can be expensive. the kids may only be interested in that for a couple of weeks. check out specialty shops where you can find used golf clubs, skis, snowboards, tennis rackets, golf equipment and the like. buy new if you or your kid has moved past the beginner stage. that's dora the explorer. >> not a ding on the rim of the
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racket. >> even the adult one looked pretty good. i don't call them used. i call them previously loved. >> that's a great idea! >> good tips, jess. thank you very much. at 6:09, there is a new kind of road rage brewing on morning commutes. >> it is pitting drivers against cyclists. >> ouch. >> in four minutes, why this is a growing problem and how cyclists are trying to fight back. >> howard has the tuesday forecast we think you're going to like. weather first is next here on 9news now. [ cherie ] i wanted to make a difference in my community.
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at 6:12, looking pretty good out there this morning. it is a little cool in spots. leave the jacket at home. you'll be fine today. 5:00, 38. highs in the mid to upper 80s ax great tuesday. monika samtani is in a great tuesday on the roads. >> not really in maryland. we're going to take a live look here at sky 9 on the outer loop of the beltway. you can see the activity there. just past river road on the right shoulder. causing early morning delays not only on the outer loop here but coming south of 270 right down the spur. i'll have more on this and more incidents around the area coming up next. back to you, mike and andrea. >> the two american hikers being held in jail in iran will
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be set free by the end of this week. that news has been confirmed by our partners at cbs news. >> it is one of the stories making news this morning at 6:13. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad says the two will be released in two days. bill has been set at half a million dollars. they're both accused spying for the united states. they say they were hiking years ago and got lost. just last month, a court in iran sentenced them to eight years in prison. irene, the hurricane, is putting people out of work in vermont. unemployment claims double there in the last two weeks of august. the state was hit hard by flooding as the remnants of the hurricane moved through. >> it is election day in new york's ninth congressional district. that's the seat previously held by democrat anthony weiner. turner has a 6-point lead over democrat david webber. the signs all say share the road but there is bad blood in our region between drivers and
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cyclists. >> some are using cameras to capture the bad drivers. bruce leshan shows us a recent up sode of bike rage that's drawing attention to the issue. >> rhode island avenue northeast late last month, a bicyclist wearing a helmet cam to protect himself captures this apparently unprovoked attack. the pickup driver pulled up cursing and it looks like he ran his truck right into the cyclist on purpose. bike advocates say this kind of attack happens all too often. >> there's no obvious issue. the cyclist was riding safely. riding properly in the lane where he should have been. >> nearly everyone seems to agree that d.c.'s developed a nasty case of bike car road rage. >> some of them are doing some crazy stuff out there. you know. they get your way. they're not on the side like they should be. >> when bikes and cars collide, the cars almost always win. bike advocates say the same
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thing happens in court. it is the biker's word against the car driver's word and that is almost always too little to win a criminal assault conviction. that is why advocates are pushing for greater access to civil lawsuits. the bicyclist association wants d.c. to pass a law giving cyclists the right to sue over harassment and collect lawyer's fees if they win. >> if you have two stories, the jury can hear which one resonates and which one is surrounding evidence might support. >> but even the cyclist association admits some riders do dumb things. this cabby describes a bicyclist going the wrong way down a one-way street without looking. >> he landed right here. >> with his head. and this windshield came all the way here. >> bruce leshan, 9news now. it is coming up on 6:16. howard bernstein is back and he has the forecast. we're sure -- i think of the song one fine day.
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>> it will be a fantastic day. it is in my head now. carole king there going crazy singing away. >> i want to go back for a moment and talk about last week's rains. they were incredible. what was going on with lee. some of the stats that came in from the national weather service were amazing. you saw some of the rains, what they did, especially in southern maryland but also in fairfax county where they got hit particularly hard with some incredible rains. i put some of the numbers on the weather computer here because when you look at the numbers, these are seven inches in three hours, almost the same story in reston. in six hours. and the wednesday rains in bowie, for example, that's about 100 year rainfall. when you look at the other guys, it gets oppressive in kingstown, that's a one in 500 year rainfall. reston again, one in 500.
6:17 am
fort belvoir, frequencywise. when they're looking at everything, about one in 1,000 year happening when you get seven inches of rain in three hours and no wonder we had all of the problems last week. your bus stop forecast, by the way, got to about 15 inches. 62 to 72 with a patch or two of fog. sun is coming up in about half an hour. as far as the day planner, plenty of sunshine. 80 by noon. fine looking day. one fine day. 84 degrees by 4:00. with highs mid to upper 80s at 8:00, still looking real nice. 50s north and west. the fog has been out in the mountains this morning. down to 58 now in lovettsville. haymarket, 58. low 60s there in southern fairfax county and also in prince george's county. and here in washington right now, we're at 67 with generally clear skies and calm winds. have a cold front coming
6:18 am
tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening. out ahead of it, a few showers and storms tomorrow. but today, 87. 60 tonight. 87 tomorrow with a threat for afternoon and evening storms. more northwest and south and east. thursday, 76. could be a lingering shower and a few more clouds. friday though, a real fall-like day. highs will be near 70 and a decent looking weekend with some sunshine. low to mid-70s for highs. monika samtani, gingerly stepping in now. >> you're supposed to escort me, howard. >> don't want anything to happen to monika here. >> i'm fine. thank you so much. we've got the yellow light because we have a couple of incidents to tell you about. i'm going to show what you it looks like live from sky 9 where this accident happened, i would say about 40 minutes ago on the outer loop after river road. on the shoulder. you can see it is just tracting a bit of attention here. mdot camera. take a look at the 270 spur. here is where i would give an extra 5 or 10 minutes through bethesda ond on to the outer
6:19 am
loop, the good news is the lanes are open. let's take a look now at our maps. we'll head out to the beltway. 66. no problems on 66 except for the delays. let's take a look there live. this is what it looks like as you head north on 395. here's 395. a live look at duke street again. brake lights you're dealing with. no incidents. once you're beyond this, you'll be ok heading up to the 14th street bridge. marc brunswick lines are experiencing minor delays. i'll update you on all of your major incidents at 6:25. >> next in sports, the nationals rookie picks a great time to get his very first major league hit and wait until you see what all of the rookies wore on their trip to new york. >> right now, another check on our question of the morning. if you missed it, here it is again. according to a recent survey, 70% of women like to do this while 20% of men feel the same
6:20 am
way. is it... shopping, i go there, get what i want and buy it and get out. i can drive a school bus and put up with screaming kids but i can't stand shopping. it bores me to tears. >> we knows that means he'll flirt with someone at work. leave your answer on our facebook page. we'll have the answer at 6:48.
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6:23. good-looking morning out there. generally clear skies. temperatures down in the 50s and 60s. really nice tuesday across the region looking at the day planner expect sunshine, all day today. by noon, we're at 80. mid to the upper 80s this afternoon with changes coming by the end of the week.
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mike and andrea. >> they were watching film and hitting the weight room monday. 'skins host the cardinals on sunday. >> a pair of monday night football games. the raiders, sebastian jankowski nailed a field goal to end the second half. oakland wins this one 23-20. in the early game last night, the dolphins hosted the patriots. fourth quarter, tom brady in the end zone. he finds wes welker and he runs 99 yards for the touchdown. brady threw an amazing 517 yards in the game. mike shaking his head happily. new england tops miami 38-24. it was an epic men's final at the u.s. open. you statue right here on channel 9. novack djokovic beat nadal in four sets for his first u.s. open championship. it was his third major of the
6:25 am
year. the sixth time he's beaten nadal in a finals match. >> i was exhausted watching it. >> for the first time in four years, the frederick keys are playing in the carolina league championships. orioles ousted the potomac nationals 3-2 in a decisive game five. game one of the title series, tonight in frederick. to the big leagues now, the majors, the nationals begin a four game series with the mets last night in new york and ross detwiler looked good. he went 5 2/3. he left with a game tied at 2- 2. to the top of the 7th, howard county's only steve lombard. he picked a great time to get his first major league hit. here we go. the graduate brought in the winning run. his mom and dad traveled from howard county to the game so they saw it!
6:26 am
congratulations. nats top the mets 3-2. if you haven't seen this photo of the nationals yet, check this out. that's right. they're all painted blue. >> the blue man group. >> dressed like smurfs. every year, the rookies are made to do something foolish. this year, the newbies were painted blue. they rode the train from d.c. to new york dressed like that for the series with the mets. stephen strasburg is papa smurf. the catcher is smurfette. >> i wonder if they had to carry their dora the explorer backpacks with it, too. >> in ten minutes, learn which restaurant ads campaign has animal activists fuming. >> the problems on washed out roads linger. ahead, an update on the worst spots. >> right now, monday cass ha a quick check on traffic. >> you know, it is very slow right now in virginia. we're taking a live look, 395 where it is heavy. edsal road to seminary. it will be lorton into
6:27 am
springfield. at least those two are incident-free. a look at maryland roads. you're watching 9news now. stay with us. [ screaming ]
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>> no garbage trucks this morning. >> they come earlier. >> they're doing their business at 4:00, 5:00 a.m. nice morning out here. glad you guys were able to come out. >> i feel like the allergy report is coming out. >> lovely deck. didn't provide any refreshments. >> we'll work on it. we have a good day though. that should be enough. our day planner, sunshine all day. low 70s. noon, 80 degrees. by 5:00, 38. sunshine, highs today. winds go southwest at 5 to 10. martinsburg, 57. cumberland, culpepper, orange, gaithersburg at 59. 61 in andrews at 63. 59 coming from charlie. the fog now pretty much out in the mountains and parts of the valley. visibility stands at one half- mile. monika samtani is inside. we've had some issues this tuesday morning. >> we have had some issues
6:32 am
especially on the northside of town. it left a little bit of a delay. you can see the yellow cars. we had delays on the beltway north of town. we'll take a live look at colesville road. your overall slow traffic begins at new hampshire avenue headed around to georgia avenue. then past river road where the earlier accident was moved to the shoulder just awhile ago. that will take you back over to the maps. this time, let's zoom into the other side of town. here's what it looks like in old town manassas -- i'm sorry in anne arundel county. that road buckled there. so, burns crossing road will stay closed for awhile i'm told between clark station road and chestnut road. let's use telegraph road instead. we'll wind a live look at the beltway at pennsylvania avenue. things are fine here as you head southbound past oxon hill to the wilson bridge. you will be ok with the lanes open and no delays. coming up, guy, in my next report at 6:46, we'll look at the manassas road closure. back to you guys.
6:33 am
>> thanks, monika. five days after torrential rains slammed fairfax county and some back roads are still a mess. six roads and three bridges in the county remain closed. vdot crews have been inspecting hundreds of bridges and roads and the agency wants to get things back to normal soon. >> we'll be working throughout the coming week to get these bridges back in place. we want to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. we just have incredible damage, unprecedented damage from the storms. we're looking at as much as $10 million. >> charles county, maryland, things are just as bad. the alan bridge on route 234 in charlotte hall was washed out. it could take awhile before temporary replacement is installed. county and state crews are inspecting the damage and still counting up the costs. >> was a $1 million insurance policy enough to drive three people to kill a family member? prince william county police think so.
6:34 am
75-year-old ker lived at the river run senior complex in woodbridge. his body was found september 1st. authorities say he was strangled. police have arrested his nephew, brother-in-law and sister-in-law. >> it is horrible, really. particularly when you have family members who are willing to commit a murder for any reason. >> the suspects were arrested and are now being held in new york and new jersey. one was arrested just before boarding a flight to china. >> one of the men who helped create the tsa in the wake of 9- 11 says it is time to do away with the agency or pull it back big time. he's not pulling any punches saying the government has failed in this regard. surae chinn is live at national airport talking with flyers about airport security. good morning, surae. >> good morning to you. here at reagan national airport, tsa workers are crawling throughout the airport. it is what you'll find at many airports across the country. here is no different but yet, the creator is saying in his
6:35 am
words, tsa is a failure. this is florida congressman john mica who says that tsa's performance gets a d minus from him. saying it is too large, too reactive, too bureaucratic. he says figuratively, when you have an agency as large as the army, you're going to have personnel problems. he says that tsa has missed the mark time and time again with examples such as the shoe bomber, richard reed, the diaper bomber on christmas day. and cargo breaches. he says that they're too reactionary and they make knee- jerk reactions. in addition about liquids, does not save our security. >> people could bring liquids. they could bring other things that now are banned that don't make any difference. we're spending all of our time hassling so many innocent people. it should be risk-based and we should go after targeted personnel. >> well, the congressman says
6:36 am
that instead of the $2 billion agency with a staff of 16, 500 after 9-11, it has turned into a $9 billion human resource factory and that's his own words and now there are 63,000 employees with tsa. back to you. >> a lot of employees. thank you, surae. >> a flag measuring 30 feet by 56 feet will fly over arlington and the district today. it is called the patriot flag. this is video of it being unfurled on sunday in pennsylvania. the 75 pound flag honors the victims of 9-11 as well as the first responders. it will also be traveling through the district and it is scheduled to be at fort mchenry in baltimore coming up tomorrow. >> jessica doyle is back with another "your money" report. >> answers about another big round of people losing jobs. >> this time, it is wall street that's getting clobbered. bank of america says it is cutting 30,000 jobs over the next five years. the struggling bank says the
6:37 am
move will save it $5 billion a year. goldman sachs also just announced it is going to cut 1,000 jobs and last month, ubs and credit suisse announced job cuts as well. bank stocks have been taking a beating this year. bank of america down 47%. citigroup off 43%. jpmorgan chase down 24% just to name a few. this week, the military realignment known as brac officially ends which means thousands of new jobs for maryland. 5700 workers are moving to fort meade. some are going to aberdeen. the mark center in alexandria and fort belvoir are picking up thousands of workers as well. >> legal sea forward has gotten itself in hot water with some for this new ad campaign. >> save the crab. save it to show that every creature is sacred, no matter how small. or just save it so we can chop it up into tasty little crab
6:38 am
cakes. this message brought to you by legal seafoods. >> now, our partners at "usa today" reports today that restaurant chain is rolling out three -- i love andrea's reaction. three 15-second commercials look like environmental public service ads about saving the crab, the trout, the salmon but then they crack a joke about eating tasty seafood. the folks at greenpeace and other wildlife advocates are not amused. it is pretty funny. >> i love it. >> we happen to love seafood. >> it is like a "saturday night live" skits. oh, my goodness. we'll be following that story. >> a little hungry. >> thanks, jess. well, starting today, channel 9 is the new home of dr. phil in washington, d.c. today, he sits down with the parents of casey anthony and asks them questions about their granddaughter's death and their daughter's trial. >> what do you now believe the smell was from?
6:39 am
>> truthfully to this day, i don't know to be honest. >> i don't want to believe that caylee was back there. i'm going by what investigators have told me. all i know is that caylee isn't with us anymore. i know that. i know that. >> do you believe she was in that trunk? >> the interview today and tomorrow at 4:00 right here on channel 9 then on 9news now at 5:00, we'll talk to dr. phil for his take on what the anthonys said. >> if you have a vacation day to burn this year, today might, the day if you can get away with it! highs in the low to mid-80s. howard is up next to tell us how long it will last. >> here is a live look at interstate 66. eastbound traffic is starting to stack up on the right. monika samtani's next timesaver traffic report is straight
6:40 am
ahead. ♪
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we're back at 6:44 with breaking news out of kabul, afghanistan. u.s. embassy and other western buildings are under attack this morning. the taliban is taking responsibility for firing rockets at the embassy as well as nato headquarters and other buildings. the taliban spokesman claims there may be suicide bombings to come. so far, no reports of any american troops or civilians being hurt. of course, "the early show" will have a report from kabul coming up at the top of the hour. >> all right, coming up on 6:45, weather time now. mr. bernstein, other than sneezing this morning, just beautiful out. >> you nailed it, sneezing. you sound congested. i am. it is the allergies. with all of the rain from lee and the sun coming out, well, these are the results. we thank our friends over at the walter reed medical center for their work. collecting all of the
6:45 am
allergens. every day they count them. yesterday, they came in. did a lot of counting with the trees and grass pollen moderate with the weeds and mold spores in the high category. so, yeah, not a great time for allergy sufferers, your bus stop forecast, that looks pretty good. we've bot some 60s out there. even some low 70s. sunrise, 6:47. it is happening pretty much right now and we've got a great day ahead. 68 degrees by 8:00. northwest winds turn southwesterly by noon. 80, middle of the day. a great lunch hour. maybe a two-hour lunch if you can swing it. 84 at 4:00. then this evening, still going out. want to get some yard work done. temperatures will be in the upper 70s by 8:00 p.m. sunset is about 7:20. you'll likely be done about the yard work. pax river, 65. easton and down toward fredericksburg, 63. culpepper, heard from charlie.
6:46 am
readville, 69. 59 coming in from cumberland. really nice start to this tuesday with clear skies and calm winds. dew points in the low 60s. air temperature in washington of 67. across the country, we've got some showers in the southwest and south florida. untoward canada, this is really where a lot of our weather is going to come from. this storm system here west of james bay, hudson bay bringing down the clouds. going south to north here. north to south. that's some colder air which is coming southbound and we're going to have a nice cooldown. ahead of it though, we have the other storm with bringing in the southwesterly winds ahead of a cold front. that means today and tomorrow we're well up in the 80s but this front will arrive late tomorrow into thursday with some showers and storms especially north and west by wednesday afternoon and wednesday evening. we could see a few showers around here on thursday as well as cooler air starts to move in. tonight, 60s. tomorrow, 8 7 with the afternoon storm. thursday, cloudy. partly sunny to mostly cloudy.
6:47 am
cooler. couple of showers. 76. friday, 69. by the weekend, low to mid- 70s. a nice looking weekend will be the end result of the big changes. we'll settle for that. monika samtani's stepping in. timesaver traffic is good. >> at least the weather sounds good. >> here is a live look from sky 9 over in old town, manassas. i've been telling you about a water main break closing center road at main. that's route 28 center road at maine and what you're going to need to do is take route 28. kind of splits around that area. that will be your best way around it. live look in old town, manassas with a water main break. let me take you over to some maps. the beltway is looking fine with some yellow light, the normal rush hour stuff, we'll zoom into 270. you've just got the slow traffic. kind of looks like this off and on in urbana down toward clarksburg and germantown toward gaithersburg before the
6:48 am
pace improves. an early morning accident off the 270 spur set the tone. we'll head back over to the maps. this time let's zoom into 95 and the bw parkway. it is doing fine. let's take a live look at 95. it slows down as you head toward the beltway and on to the outer loop on 95 although that's incident-free. back over to our maps real quick, although metro and vre are running on time. expect minor delays throughout the brunswick line on marc. >> a look at the big problems at 6:58. it is 6:48. who says only you can prevent forest fires? just about everyone knows that is smoky the bear. >> who doesn't know the name of the three elves behind the rice krispies campaign. >> snap, crackle and pop. >> you can get a vote in the greatest advertising icons of. the winner goes on madison avenue's walk of fame. >> there are about 20 in the
6:49 am
running. this little pink guy, the energizer bunny keeps going and going. there he is. >> there are a few modern picks. she's a little annoying at times but everybody knows no from progressive insurance. as some more recent choices include the old spice guy and the most interesting man in the world. >> i never drink beer but when i do -- >> the contest will show the staying power of some of the ads like the california raisins. past winners include great, tony the tiger, mr. peanut from planters and the clydesdales are among them. check it out at feel like maybe where's the beef lady should be in there. >> i can't eat the whole thing. one of the alka-seltzer commercials. >> time to make the doughnuts
6:50 am
guy. >> 67 degrees here in northwest washington. >> time to answer our question of the morning. the question was according to the recent survey, 70% of women like to do this while 20% of member feel the same way. >> the answer is 20% of men and many more percentages of women, the answer is c, hold hands in public. guys apparently don't like to do that very much. we have a check of the news before you go right after the break. stay with us. ♪
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you can spread out and live a little. with breakfast, dinner, and drinks included, you'll feel right at home. ♪ la la-la-la-la la la la ♪ welcome back here at 6:53. sunny and 57 in washington. noontime temp, 80. a gorgeous 83. mid to upper 80s. >> howard, thank you, sir. today is tuesday, september 13th. here is a check of the news before you go. d.c. police chief cathy lanier is promising increased police presence until the terrorism
6:54 am
threats decreases. al-qaeda have sent three men to the united states to set up a car bomb. a 10-year-old boy is recovering after a house fire monday in rockville. montgomery county firefighters pulled him to safety. a malfunctions plug may have caused the fire. firefighters say there were no working smoke detector in the home. >> new solar power speed- readout signs are going up on a street. it is hoped the signs will help slow down traffic and improve safety. they installed speed cameras earlier this year. >> one more check of weather and traffic when 9news now returns. if you've got pain?
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our one more thing is about a survey that one person described the results as being crazy. these people must be crazy. we're talking about a survey in great britain talking about what's more important. things like facebook or -- >> one of the most important things, they said facebook was more important than being able to flush the toilet. are you kidding me? that's hysterical. the person in the -- here's the top five. things that are most important. sunshine. >> which they say is good in britain because there's so much rain. then the internet connection. third is clean water. >> third. >> can you believe that? >> owning a refrigerator is number four. and facebook comes in at number five. >> this all came out. they polled 3,000 adults. this came out in conjunction with an exhibit coming out at the newseum. >> last on the list of 50, twitter. i go along with that.
6:59 am
>> amen. >> unbelievable. they're trying to let people know how well off they are in the west and where water is really needed. >> beautiful day today. we've got sunshine. temperatures in the mid to the upper 80s. late tomorrow, a front with a chance of storms and cooler weather to finish the week. monika? >> we'll take a look at the beltway on the southside of town. an accident up ahead before branch avenue. jessica? >> wall street looking lower yet again. >> early show is up next. they'll recap the republican presidential debate and learn how you can save for a downpayment even in the rough economic times. >> we'll be back with a live update on traffic and weather. >> get news, weather and traffic while you're at work today. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:25.


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